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AIRPAX Product Information

The heart of the AIRPAX system is a core module specifically geared towards Sales and Inventory Management. Major features include:

Inventory Management

  • Monitor Owned Stock
  • Track Consignment Stock
  • Interchangeable Parts Reference
  • Track Parts On Order and Committed
  • Serial Numbers by Condition, Cost, Overhaul Cost, Tag ID
  • Facility to Scan for Nearest Match
  • Facility to Scan by Part Description
  • Manufacturer's List Price Inquiry
  • Manufacturer's Part Cross Reference Inquiry
  • Purchase History Inquiry
  • Sales History Inquiry
  • Repair History Inquiry
  • Exchange History Inquiry
  • Quote History Inquiry
  • Overhaul Quote History Inquiry


  • Track Quotes By Part
  • Create Quotation By Customer
  • Convert Quotation to Sales Order
  • Create Request for Quotes
  • Cross Reference RFQs to a Quotation
  • Incoming Quotes History Inquiry
  • Outgoing Quotes History Inquiry
  • Quote History Reports by Part
  • Quote History Reports by Customer

Sales Orders

  • Customized Sales Order Forms
  • Customized Invoices and Credit Memos
  • Open Orders Reports
  • Sales History Reports
  • Profit Margin Reports
  • Exchange Sales Capability
  • Exchanges Due In Reports

Purchase Orders

  • Customized Purchase Order Forms
  • Cross Reference to Sales Order
  • Back Order Reports
  • Receiving Reports
  • Exchange Purchase Capability
  • Exchanges Due Out Report

Repair Orders

  • Customized Repair Order Forms
  • Open Repair Orders Report by Overhaul Facility
  • Open Repair Orders Report by Part
  • Overhaul History Reports by Facility or Part
  • Track Turn-Time History
  • Cross Reference to Sales Orders


  • Track Multiple Consignment Inventories
  • Consignment Sales History Reports
  • Consignment Inventory Reports
  • Overhaul History by Consignment

ILS Interface

  • Custom Developed ILS Integration
  • Complete ILS Request History
  • Quotes From ILS Requests

Additionally, an integrated Repair module is available with a complete Shop Floor and Work Order system. Features include:

Repair Station Management

  • Work Order Tracking by Customer Part Number
  • Work Order Tracking by Customer P/O
  • Work Order Tracking by Serial Number
  • Commit Parts to Work Order
  • Track Min/Max Stock Levels
  • Track Stock by Consignment Category
  • Track Back Ordered Parts
  • Track Farmed Out Parts
  • Interchangeable Parts Cross Reference
  • Inquiry by Serial Number
  • Purchase History Inquiry
  • Repair History Inquiry by Part Number or Customer
  • Service History by Customer

Shop Floor / Work Order System

  • Work Order Entry and Update
  • Customized Work Order Forms and Labels
  • Overhaul Exchange Capability
  • Customized Invoice Forms
  • Part Shipping Labels
  • Part Tear Down Report
  • Customer Work Order Status Reports
  • Test Equipment Calibration Tracking
  • Manuals Capability, Input, and User Tracking
  • Generate Work Order Quotes
  • Service Record History
  • Usage Record History
  • Work In Process
  • Shop Capability Listings
  • Labor Hours Reports
  • Status Sheets

For additional information, please feel free to e-mail or call. Contact information can be found below, or in the Contact Us link at the upper left.

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