The current release of the AIRPAX system is a character-based application, proven to be the most efficient software design for heads-down data entry. AIRPAX supported operating systems include Windows® NT/2000/XP.

Internet-browser based enhancements to AIRPAX software are now under development. These additional features will enhance the software's power and flexibility, and are part of Access Software's continued development of AIRPAX.

Features will include complete point-and-click capability, enhanced reporting tools, and complete Windows® integration including fax, e-mail, and seamless integration with the most popular reporting tools, such as Crystal Reports® while retaining the high-speed data entry, mission-critical stability, and data integrity AIRPAX clients have relied on for over a decade.

AIRPAX can be fully integrated into your existing network, or it can be run as a stand-alone application - the choice is yours. Whether you use PCs on your LAN or dumb terminals in your warehouse, AIRPAX will satisfy your needs, however stringent they may be. Our experienced in-house staff is always available to assist you in planning your implementation schedule to insure your total and complete satisfaction.

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